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CHAPTER ONE Introduction Background to the Study Education system is the bedrock of successful development of any nation; therefore any nation that wants to develop must give high priority to her education system. The fourth edition of the Nigerian Policy on Education (NPE 2004) claims that education is an instrument for national development, it fosters the worth and development of the individual and the general development of the society. From the above it can be deduced that education is very crucial and important for a nation to be developed politically, economically and socially. Over the years, there has been increased provision of educational opportunities and the cumulative effects of economic and socio-political instability in the…show more content…
Poor academic performance of the students is connected with poor learning environment created by poor state of human resources and facilities. Johan (2004) states that educational outcomes in schools are closely linked to utilization and adequacy of teaching and learning resources in different ways; poor utilization, underutilization, unqualified educators brings forth low educational development. The inadequacy of human resources (teachers) in schools is a major factor responsible for the learning outcome of students. The academic performance of students depends on the amount of learning that takes place in the classroom and also on how efficient and effective the teachers perform in school. Based on the above statement, this student examines the relationship between the availability, adequacy and utilization of academic staff and students’ academic performance. Teachers can make or mar the goals of education; therefore it is imperative that their adequacy and utilization is being monitored by educational administrators and planners. Statement of the…show more content…
To examine if there is any significant relationship between the availability and utilization of teachers and the academic performance of secondary school students. 2. To find out if there is and relationship between quality of teachers and students’ academic performance. 3. To establish whether there is a relationship between teacher-student ratio and students’ academic performance. 4. To determine if any significant relationship exist between the provision of adequate teachers and academic performance of students. Research Questions The following questions guided the study 1. What is the extent of teachers’ utilization rate in the sampled secondary schools in Surulere Local Government Area? 2. What is the relationship between the quality of teachers and students’ academic performance sampled secondary schools in Surulere Local Government Area? 3. What is the nature and adequacy of academic staff in the sampled secondary schools in Surulere local Government Area? 4. What is the students’ academic performance in the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) within the sampled secondary schools in Surulere Local Government Area? Research Hypotheses The following research hypotheses were raised for the

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