Working With Middle School Students

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For students, school is the center of their social arena. A student’s perceived academic experience can be a contributing factor to behavior, motivation, self- esteem, and general academic performance. A good classroom manager recognizes that her role is not just as the facilitator of knowledge. She understands that she is also responsible for a safe, supportive atmosphere, and consistent feedback. The encouragement of students to be active learners who are challenged to deepen their own thought processes, are integral in classroom procedures. She is also proficient at emphasizing collaboration and positive discussion between students and their peers and students and herself. Homework scenario 2 best matches these qualities for working with middle school students.…show more content…
Students who have positive relationships with their teachers use them as a secure base. Through this secure relationship, students learn about socially appropriate behaviors as well as academic expectations and how to achieve these expectations (Hamre & Pianta, 2001). Mr. Collet, in the second classroom scenario, displays several instances of positive teacher/student and teacher/parent social relationships. At the beginning of the year, he sends home handouts to explain to parents the expectations and policies of the classroom. These are the same handouts that he gives to students. This fosters a positive relationship by having all individuals informed and understanding and keeps parents involved and active participants in their child’s classroom. I believe that this is important in middle school children because it builds a sense of community, where everyone is acting together for the betterment of the student. It is crucial for this age group to have consistency between home and the
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