The Importance Of Technology In Education

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When I hear the word “education” the, first thing pops in my head comes is books. Books being the source of immense pool of knowledge it needs to be carefully extracted. Anyone without safety gear could receive immense shocks which could be fatal. To make this transmission of information easier, people were chosen to learn, comprehend its practicality and spread it to others. Their role lead them to acquire the name of a teacher. We all have encountered these being, from the moment we have started school. They have played a great role either being your worst nightmare or greatest role model. They had been a great part shaping our society. The purpose of education is to enlighten us, enabling us to differentiate from right or wrong. Moreover, to let us think beyond the obvious line. A change in trend has been observed children as soon as they arrive from home, rather than eating a lunch or resting they jump directly towards their tablets. This huge chunk of information just few fingertips away, should lead to better grades in school. In any case, as more classrooms put technology into the most recent innovation, test scores continue as before, bringing its adequacy into inquiry. Yes! Technology is an educational tool which is heavily influenced education. It’s true that any tool’s success is dependent upon its usage. Question yourself…show more content…
Math has somehow become easier, with the tap of your finger, you can adjust the level of difficulty you want to challenge yourself with. An intelligent game is more captivating than a book, so technology frequently advertises more practice and review in zones obliging retention, for example, spelling, math and topography. This leaves some free time in the classroom so instructors can concentrate on aptitudes like critical thinking, character advancement and discriminating
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