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Public School Funding Throughout the years many states in America such as Arizona have had a major decrease in state public school funding due to taxes and a decrease in financial resources. This causes many issues with the quality of most public school, and the resource they are able to give to their students and staff. I feel that this is a major problem in America because it effects the future of our country, makes it harder for the student of the present to learn, and shows bad influences on young teens and adults. Not having enough funding effects the education of this country as a whole, and slowly as the fundings go down, not surprisingly so does the education rate goes. With the decrease in resource the education is unable…show more content…
In my opinion this is caused by non-proper education at the beginning of their live which has long term effect in which they will suffer from. “The politics of school funding tend to blend philosophical, social, and economic differences into a structure recognized as “free public schools.” It is impossible to separate education funding from resources. The level of funding drives not only the quantity but also the quality of resources available to create public educational opportunities."(Connell) We as a whole can solve this problem by funding more school to get them the resources that they need to succeed in educating our country to the best of our ability. With the risk of uneducated country, lots of other problems can and will arise. During the 2004 democratic presidential primaries, Senator John Edwards struck a chord with voters and educators when he spoke of “two Americas: one for the wealthy and privileged, another for those not so lucky” (Bartolomeo, 2004). The article “Brewer Hails $9.2B Arizona Budget”, Byline, Richard Williamson, shows that the amount of a turned head to public schools. This shown by saying, “the funds were intended to make up for sales-tax revenue counties would lose under new law eliminating the state's sales tax on energy sold to manufacturers.” It processed to say that the budget was unstable and that by 2016 it is supposed to be better than it is right

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