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1 Analysis of differences between dominance of Teacher talk and Student talk: A case study of Primary School, junior Secondary and Senior Secondary in Nigeria. Aisha Mustapha Muhammad Lovely Professional University Punjab, India M A English 24 th October , 2017 2 Abstract The research studies the amount of teacher and student in the primary and secondary school in Nigerian school. So many researches have shown that teacher dominate the classroom while teaching, the students are given or little time to communicate in the classroom which had always affected the learning system. The action qualitative research shows that in the lower primary school students…show more content…
The data was collected in three classes of which is having number of students as follow: PRIMARY 2- 35 students 4 JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL ONE (JS1) -60 students SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL ONE (SS1): 37 students The data were also collected in the English Language classes Data analysis and discussion The “IRF” model by Sinclair and Coulthard (1975) was used to analyze the amount of teacher talk in the classroom. The time for the lesson was 40 minutes. SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL ONE (SS1) IRF analysis: Initiation Teacher: Before the definition of the phrase is given, it is important to look at some expressions which are considered as example of phrase. Who can give example of the expressions? Zainab can you answer the question Response student: No Sir, I can‟t Initiation T: Aliyu can you? Response S: No Sir Response S: Sir I can, the examples are 1. In the room 2. The beautiful girl 5 Feedback T: good Adam Initiation T: Phrases can be defined as a group of word (with or without a non- infinite verb) that does not make sense and which only form part of a sentence.( He explains more with a lot of examples), who can give more…show more content…
DATA COLLECTION JUNIOR SECONDARY ONE(JS 1) USING IRF (INITIATION, RESPONSE, FEEDBACK) Initiation Teacher: topic „‟COORDINATING CONJUCTION‟‟. They are used to join words, phrases and clauses. Example: Yasir ,Aliyu are coming tomorrow. Who can give a word that will join the sentence? 10 Response Students :( silence) Feedback Teacher: Yasir and Aliyu are coming tomorrow Initiation T: The teacher solicits more Example:” The class or the teacher”, what grammatical class is” the class” and “the teacher”. Response S: Adverbial Feedback T: No, any phrase that starts with” the and a subject „‟ is a noun phrase. Initiation T: There are seven coordinating conjunction, we minimize it into „‟FANBOYS‟‟. (He told them the meaning of each). Response S: (they repeat after him) “FANBOYS” Initiation T: Give examples of sentence with coordinating conjunction, the sentence should be a complex sentence. Initiation T: Halima, answer the question Response S: „‟hmm‟‟ Fatima and Hauwa are friends Feedback T: is correct but I said a complex sentence Initiation T: I want an example like this, “I went to the library but I didn‟t find the book‟. Response S:

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