Theoretical Theory Of Speaking

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CHAPTER II THEORITICAL FARMWORK 2. Theory Study 2.1. Definition Of Speaking Tarigan (1990:3-4) defines that speaking is a language skill that is developed in child life, which is produced by listening skill, and at that period speaking skill is learned. Based on Competence Based Curriculum speaking is one of the four basic competences that the students should gain well. It has an important role in communication. Speaking can find in spoken cycle especially in Joint Construction of Text stage (Departmen Pendidikan Nasional, 2004). In carrying out speaking, students face some difficulties one of them is about language its self. In fact, most of students get difficulties to speak even though they have a lot of vocabularies and have written them…show more content…
First he listens, then he speaks, understanding always produces speaking. Therefore this must be the right order of presenting the skills in a foreign language. In this learning of language included speaking, there is an activity of speaker or learner and it has to have an effect to build speaker’s or learner’s desires and express how his/her feeling and acting out his/her attitudes through speaking. Thus the learning of speaking can not be separated from language. On the other hand, speaking can be called as oral communication and speaking is one of skills in English learning. This become one important subject that teacher should given. That is why the teachers have big challenge to enable their students to master English well, especially speaking English in class or out of the class. Wallace (1978:98) stated that oral practice (speaking) becomes meaningful to students when they have to pay attention what they are saying. Thus, the students can learn better on how to require the ability to converse or to express their ideas fluently with precise vocabularies and good or acceptable…show more content…
Less stress can effect other positive health changes. Self-talk is not neutral because it triggers behavior in either a postive or negative direction. Self talk is based on beliefs which exist with or without accurate evidence. As well as other expert, Robert (1996) also gives his description of self-talk, he said that self talk is mental disciplines to keep certain thoughts out of your head and put certain thoughts in your head. You have concious control over that. It takes practice and repitition. Pretty soon, it is almost habitual to keep negative thoughts out or identify negative thoughts and keep positive ones

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