Story Of An Hour Critical Analysis

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Shadaisha Summerall Dr. Lewis ENC 1102 12 Feb. 2018 Feminism and Independence in “The Story of an Hour” Mrs. Chopin was admired by women writers during her time . She was known for connecting her novels with the unpleasant truths about women hard-eyed observations and their deep personal thoughts. During her time, she struggled with critics bashing her work and neglect from people who believed that her stories of woman were unacceptable. “The Story of an Hour” is one of her amazing stories that unravels the truth of how women emotionally felt during the late 1800s. During that time period, women were frequently forced to surrender their lives to their husbands needs or to another man who had a significant amount of control over their lives. The author portrays the bitter side of a marriage by telling the story of one fateful hour in the life of a married women. In the story, Chopin expresses her resentment towards men and how unfair it was for…show more content…
Women are allowed to be unmarried and have freedom to control their own lives and not be forced to the wills of a man’s need. Back in the 1800’s marriages were often arranged so there wasn’t really a say so on the women’s decision. Dating back during that time, women were home keepers and were the ones to stay home and cook and clean and take care of the children. Today, it’s a huge turn around because women are going out working and making a living for themselves. Women have a decision on who they want to marry and in the future, if a women chooses to get a divorce than it’s something that’s not allowed. Kate Chopin was a strong minded woman that believed that women should be able to think and live for theirselves if they choose. In her stories she expresses her strong thoughts and in the pass she has made a lot of people uncomfortable due to the fact that they weren’t willing to allow woman to have the amount of freedom a man could and because of that I admire
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