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Ways to overcome the factors According to Mat & Yunus (2014) in their journal, they stated that poor English grasp among Malaysian students is regarded as not something new. It is true and fairly important for students to speak more English in their classes. Yet the problem now is that some students may have not gain the confidence to speak in English. It is probably because they don’t know what and how to converse, and that they make many mistakes while speaking. Hence, one of the ways to help them increase their confident while they speak in English is by emphasizing that learning to speak is a crucial facet of language education and it would be fun as well. Most of the students are inspired to enhance their speaking skill because they are mindful of the benefits offered by being able to speak English well, nevertheless they lack the confidence to speak readily in English. Students are somewhat motivated in speaking English as they know that it is one of a useful matter to be able to speak fluently and confidently. Therefore, the right way to do is to choose topics that help to stimulate the students to speak. To support students’ interest and determination in speaking English is by giving them exciting and interesting topics to talk or discuss about. Discussing on topics that they love and…show more content…
Helping the student with English by asking them to tell stories can be one of the effective way to attract their attention and given them the anticipation to speak. This type of activities may not be working during the first time it is being conducted especially to those who are a bit shy, but it can help to encourage them to speak gradually. That is why it is important to let the students get comfortable with the groups that they are in so that others may also be a helpful hand in supporting each other

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