Personal Narrative: My Reflection Of My Writing

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As I began this composition course, I knew that my writing could be improved. I was blessed to be introduced to classic literature at a young age which enabled me to know and recognize skilled writing. In addition, my schooling included a lot of writing instruction which expanded my understanding of the structure and form of various types of writing. While I earned good grades on my papers, which were void of glaring errors, I did not have the benefit of thoughtful feedback from my teachers who were undoubtedly spread thin with hundreds of students’ papers to grade. Knowing that my writing could benefit from such feedback, I optimistically enrolled in this course anticipating it would be a challenge. Now, having received feedback from my peers and instructor on the…show more content…
For example, in my personal reflection paper I inadvertently used the pronoun “you” which has no place in a first person paper. Additionally, pronoun agreement posed an issue a few times in my writing as I used the word “their,” a plural pronoun, with the singular pronoun “one.” Along with this, I demonstrated some problems with comma usage. Finally, I learned that I need to work on better unity making sure that my writing is well-focused around the thesis statement and that paragraphs are well-developed and organized around their topic sentences. Although I am not without my weaknesses, I still have strengths in writing. My extensive vocabulary enables me to make good word choices. This allows me to form articulate thoughts while minimizing redundancy. Furthermore, I am fairly skilled at making sound points and would like to believe that I can write thought provoking pieces. Additionally, I did not make any spelling, contraction or subject/verb agreement errors in my recent paper. Similarly, I maintained a consistent verb tense throughout. Apparently, my ten years of grammar instruction were productive though not

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