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2.1. Introduction Teaching in the classroom is a complex task in a complex environment. In this research teaching had been studied from an interpersonal perspective. The teacher interpersonal behavior is related to the analysis of teachers' teaching performance in terms of the relationship between teacher and students. This analysis describes and uncovers the importance of teacher's role in classroom and also his/her classroom management ability. 2.2. Personality One the most fascinating topic in the psychological studies and research is personality. Many research and studies can be find in this area but definite conclusion is hard to find and consider as personality nature. If asking someone the meaning of the term personality, it would…show more content…
Personality as a stimulus: some psychologists consider its social stimulus value in order to define personality. How an individual affects other persons with whom he comes in contact, whether he is impressive or repulsive, he has dominating or submissive personality. Personality, from this point of view, becomes identical to reputation and impression, mostly in terms of physical appearance, clothing, conversation and etiquette. Generally, this concept of personality is used in selecting applicants for various hobs and courses. 2. Summative approach: the second approach of defining personality emphasizes the importance of sum total different processes and activities of the individual as, for example, innate dispositions, habits, impulses and emotions, etc. this approach has been criticized by Gestalt psychologist who objected the idea of aggregation or sum total parts without introducing the concept of organization and integration of parts into a total whole. 3. Integrative approach: the definitions of this category lay emphasis on the integrative aspect of personality and its definite pattern of organization. From this point of view, personality is not only the affective but also the cognitive, conative and physical characteristics of an…show more content…
Totality view: this approach to define personality puts more emphasis on integration than the first category given above. It forgets the part. According to this view, the general characterization of pattern of an individual’s total behavior is his personality. A man’s personality is the total picture of his organized behavior, especially, as it can be characterized by his fellowmen in a consistent way. 5. Personality adjustment: an individual, since his birth, attempts to adjust to his environment. According to his approach, personality is sum of the individual’s movements as he adapts himself to the

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