Classroom Formative Analysis

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Knowing how to assess and using the assessment to improve teaching practices is crucial to being an effective teacher. All assessments serve some type of purpose, whether it is diagnosing a disability, determining achievement goals, or collecting data for improvements. There is much emphasis placed on standardized testing, or summative assessments, which provides schools and teachers performance information. This type of information is incomplete for classroom teachers though to effectively assess teaching practices. To attain this type of information, classroom teachers need the type of information provided by consistent formative assessments given inside the classroom curriculum. Collecting data on student understanding of subject matter is important for analysis…show more content…
The regular use of data collected from the classroom formative assessments can provide teachers with an abundance of information that reflects on their instruction inside the classroom such as what worked, what did not work, and what are the next steps are to becoming more effective. Through compiling and reviewing student answers or responses, teachers are able to figure out which achievement goals or targets the students are missing. Through compiling and reviewing, teachers are also able to assess their own teaching skills to determine what standards they may have taught differently and whether it was effective or not. Teachers will often be able to see patterns when they start looking into student errors and achievements. Knowing what to do with the results from the formative assessments can be the most difficult aspect of using these assessments. It is important to realize that when results show a student has not learned a standard or skill, there is a need for corrective instruction and more learning opportunities to take place for the student to demonstrate the
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