Effective Classroom Management: The Importance Of Classroom Management

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Classroom management has always been a key concern since it plays a vital role in keeping students “organized, orderly, focused, attentive, on task, and academically productive” during a class ("Classroom management," 2014). With effective classroom management skills and techniques, a positive and safe environment is created, thus learning can take place and students can be more engaged. Gallup (Gallup, 2013) states that students who are more engaged behaviorally, cognitively, and/or emotionally in schools are more likely to enjoy themselves then and later in life, which points out the importance of a friendly, inclusive and safe classroom environment. In order to achieve this goal, classroom management programs that secure the progress of…show more content…
It is widely seen as a reaction to the behavioral views. When both of them affirm the importance of reinforcement, for the cognitive theorists, however, new knowledge is learned at first which then lead to changes in behavior, rather than new behaviors themselves are learned as said in the theories of behavioral view (Woolfolk and Margetts, 2013). The behaviorists claim that reinforcement strengthens responses meanwhile cognitive theorists consider reinforcement as a source of feedback about what is going to happen next if behaviors are repeated or altered (Woolfolk and Margetts, 2013). Briefly speaking, cognitive view focuses on the internalization of an external cause. Self – management is promoted in this approach, in other words, instead of attempting to manipulate students’ behaviors by external source, students are learned to control their own behavior as a result of the change of internal ideas and thoughts. It is vital to understand that the cognitive view encourage teachers to teach students to “use their inner speech to affect or to modify their underlying thinking, which in turn affects the way they behave” (Cognitive-behavioral Strategies, 2014). This being said, a positive classroom environment is developed based on students’ self-control rather than external reinforcements. Despite the fact that rewards and punishments are important in class…show more content…
I would like my students to line up outside the classroom before the bell rings so that I have enough time to set up my teaching tools, e.g., laptop and projector. It is to wipe out the possibility of students mucking around in the classroom when I set up my things which further assure the fact that classroom is the place to learn. Apart from that, I can spot the technical issue, if there is any, as early as possible, so that I am able to solve the problem or inform the school technician before the students come in. Again, by doing so, students would understand that the classroom is prepared for them to be fully engaged in learning. After they come into the classroom, I want them to go to their seats and remain standing until we greet each other and I tell them to sit down. This gesture shows a mutual respect between teacher and

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