Aristotle's Impact On Aristotle

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Kedir Aliyi Phil 1030 Term paper ARISTOTLE Aristotle was a great philosopher of all time. Aristotle work has been influenced generational to generation. He was very innovative and visionary philosopher. Aristotle was born in 384 B.C.E. in the Macedonian Stagira in the northern Greek district of Chalcidice. Aristotle father, Nicomachus, was a physician which had a tremendous influence on his son. Nicomachus had excellent social connections, and Aristotle's interest in science was surely spurred by his work. It is not unlikely that the scientific, empirical flavor of Aristotle’s philosophy, his attention to detail, and his skills at classifying and analyzing the features of nature were inspired by his father’s profession. Aristotle sought out the best education offered in his day and became the student in Plato’s Academy in Athens. At the age of 17, Aristotle joined Plato's circle at the Academy in Athens. There he remained for 20 years, and although his respect and admiration for Plato were…show more content…
The time he spent with his teacher Plato was very important for Aristotle. He exposed to real philosophy in the Plato Academy. Aristotle believes Plato is an exceptionally gifted person. He is the very knowledgeable person that cannot even compare to any of other philosophers. Aristotle praised Plato as a man “whom bad men have not even the right to praise, and who showed in his life and teachings how to happy and good at the same time.” Studying in Plato Academy helps Aristotle many ways. Firstly, he exposed to already existing philosophical concepts, theories, and hypothesis. From that point, Aristotle got chance to expand, illustrate, and elaborate the existing philosophical concepts. Using technics of philosophical studying that he got in Plato’s academy, he tries researches some of his predecessor theories in his own

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