Barnes Vs Cohn Essay

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In Earnest Hemingway’s novel, The Sun Also Rises, Jake Barnes and Robert Cohn are two of the main characters. These two have similarities but are very different. Both men are involved in romantic relationships but have opposite ways of dealing them. For instance, Cohn and Barnes are interested in Lady Brett Ashley, but they try to gain her attention in various ways. Due to Brett not able to be in a relationship with either man, Jake and Robert react. Jake feels lost without her. He is somewhat depressed and miserable when she is gone. Little does Jake know, Brett is secretly falling for him. Robert is feeling bored with his current relationship with his partner, Frances. He starts becoming interested in Brett yet knows that Jake has feelings for her. The two begin to argue and threaten their friendship when Cohn goes on a trip with Brett. Soon enough Brett is not interested in Cohn who still tries to catch her attention. Jake on the other hand is outraged and sets Brett up with a bullfighter. These two tried hard to get the attention of Brett but failed. They ended up hurting each other and their friendship. Jake is willing and smart…show more content…
I see Cohn as a man who is self-centered but is sly with his ways. He seems to take nothing for granted. As an example, when Cohn and Barnes take a trip to the Spanish countryside, Jake finds it mesmerizing, while Robert ends up falling asleep. Honestly, Cohn is an immature character. He lives in his past, dwelling and bragging about his college days and his boxing achievements. I do feel for Cohn, being the only Jewish man. He gets called racial comments from time to time which may just increase his arrogance. Robert Cohn is dependent on Jake Barnes and admires him, but his qualities just cannot make him loyal enough to be someone’s best friend. Jake feels pity for Robert but with Brett around, Cohn becomes too fed up with his

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