Disadvantages Of Lubricant

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1. Introduction consumption of lubricant across the globe is around 37.1 million metric tons [290] generally in order to reduce the friction and wear between any two contact surface, lubricants are used hence lubricants covers a wide range of industrial, marine, and commercial applications. Lubricants have even touched the every aspects of our life hence almost every living being is in the contact of lubricants directly or indirectly and consequently there is need of wide range of specific properties and functions in order to make it more efficient. In industrialized countries some 30% of all energy generated is ultimately lost through friction. In the highly industrialized countries losses due to friction and wear are put at between 1 and…show more content…
Additives and its toxic impact Additives are the substance which is used in order to enhance the property of lubricants. It is said neither mineral nor synthetic or any other oil may enhance the property of lubricants without the use of additives. A finished lubricants consist of around eight additives but it may range from five to fifteen (Depends on requirement). Majority of additives are less toxic, some of them may be harmful to aquatic organism but most of them shows very less solubility in water hence the environmental risk can be minimized if the additives are handled as per the manufacturer’s directive or recommendation. But those additives which are derived from physiological active elements like- halogen, sulphur, nitrogen and phosphorus etc can be very dangerous and may provoke some mutagenic and carcinogenic diseases. [500] Biodegradation of lubricants Biodegradation of lubricants is extremely slow process because of its very less solubility in water around 1 mg/ltr. which ceases their bioavailability to microorganism, consequently it increases the length of time but it is quit uncertain whether this slow process is really in the favor of environment or not because rapid degradation may lead the consumption of oxygen more frequently which can be the reason of suffocation of organisms or it may even degrade to its byproduct which may be more toxic than their parent

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