Essay On Realism Of Dreams

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During my life I have experienced these ‘journeys’ or ‘visions’ that happened inside my head while I was asleep, also known as dreams. Last night for example, I dreamt that I had written my research paper for persuasion class, however I realised I was merely dreaming because I knew I had not written anything. After waking up from a dream, most of the time, I wanted to know what they meant, whether it was my subconscious telling me something or simply my brain reproducing events that had already happened or I had thought of throughout the day. When it comes to dream interpretation authors, artists, poets etc. try to interpret them through critical and substantial facts while combining them with a subjective viewpoint, bringing out the creative aspect of the dreams themselves. The first person to introduce dream interpretation was Sigmund Freud with his book ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ that was published in 1899. Following him, ever since then, many other people have tried to interpret dreams and have focused particularly in their essence and realism. Ian Hacking argues that, ‘’Realism of a dream, shows one dream’s reality can also be real in some distorted modality’’ (Dreams in Place 247). Realism of dreams is related to the…show more content…
According to a collection of essays entitled ‘Reading Dreams’, many other authors approach dreams in different ways varying from Brown who raises theoretical queries based on the context of the dream to Peter Holland’s essay that argues the amount of theory that once can still discover from dreams is close to nothing, believing that everything has been already covered since past Renaissance era. However they all still maintain a positive attitude toward this issue, dream interpretation, and consider it a way for the authors (themselves) to express other concerns or ideas through dreams or their
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