Talent Management And Organizational Resilience

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Global turbulence is anticipated. Competition, instability and uncertainty are constants in a changing world. Organizations face an uncommon and growing number of future disruptions to the status quo and the best laid strategic plans. As history repeats itself, organizations once considered as effective will most likely fail unless currently associated and related risk factors of management and governance models are incorporated into scalable resilience metrics. In order to thrive and prosper in the current business environment of volatility, dynamism and change, it is therefore necessary that firms must ensure they focus on resilience. Resilience applies at several levels comprising various levels such as that of the firm, region, and that…show more content…
It is concerned with everything that is done to identify and acquire effective staff as well as the development of such workers which would form the core of the organizations operations. The role of talent management is to identify and acts on the basic that a successful, effective and efficient organization is only as good as its human resource, their skills, their knowledge and their experience, as well as the way they do things and their attitudes as they do them (Sullivan, 2004). The significance of the correlation between talent management and organizational resilience becomes stronger when considered in relation to the context of the Nationality, and society. Organizations may be in existence for the purpose of profitability through product and service delivery, however, their success and achievements are built around their human resource base been possessed by the organizations work force (Guthridge et. al, 2008). Several studies have examined extensively the subject of talent management as a tool in enhancing organizational resilience. In Nigeria however, there is very little research showing the relationship between talent management and organizational resilience. It is to fill this gap in literature that this study examines the relationship between talent management and organizational resilience in manufacturing…show more content…
A major problem facing manufacturers for several years has been poor infrastructure as well as the lack of adequate power supply (Corporate Nigeria, 2010). The problem of this study is to examine the extent to which the management of talents in organizations relate to organizational resilience in manufacturing firms in Port Harcourt. According to Forman, (2005), the dimensions of talent management, comprise of talent identification, talent development and talent utilization. Hollnagel, (2011) proposed the following abilities necessary for resilience performance, ability to respond and ability to monitor etc. This research will examine the relationship of the dimensions of talent management on the measures of organizational resilience as conceptualized

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