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The aim of the paper is to evaluate a business report of Asda which is an American owned British retail company and operate all over UK with their superstores in the market place. Moreover, the report is divided in to two parts that will individual discuss the goals and objectives of the company along with the issues they are facing in the UK retail market. In addition, the other task aims to conduct a SWOT and PEST analysis respectively in regards of ASDA to understand its internal and external working strategies. Overview of the company Asda Stores Limited is a well-known retail company operating in all over the UK however; the company is a subsidiary of Wall-mart (a well-known working group in the USA) that is working in the international…show more content…
Therefore, one of the techniques for Asda Ltd to enhance their business activity is to hire an expert and professional marketing agency that further evaluates products and services and formulate an expert marketing campaign that will help Asda to increase the knowledge of their products and services among people and will further help the company to increase their business criteria in the market place (Watson, et al., 2014). Furthermore, positioning their company in the market place might also help the company to overcome the financial and Human resources. The company is facing demoralisation issues from their employees and it is affecting their superstore activities in the market place therefore, it is recommended to company to maintain the internal communication to motivate their employee by different means so that they can give their best for the benefit of the company (Yu, et al., 2014). Task 2 Swot Analysis of the Asda…show more content…
• As a financial services provider, the company have restricted entrance at many other countries that further limit their excess to the international world. • Furthermore, their consumers usually face long queues issues at their superstore that decreases the number of their potential consumers in the market place (Tsitsipati & Athanasios, 2014). Opportunities • Asda can expand their business criteria by exploring the pharmacies, jewel, and photography to increase their business. • The company can further connect with developing countries like China, and other by means of joint venture to introduce their company in the international market. Threat • The increasing price of the products in the UK market is one of the threats for the company as it will affect their low pricing strategy. • Despite of the increasing price, the urge to minimise the prices of the products and service affect the business of Asda. • Moreover, the ever changing policies of the government is also a threat for Asda Limited (Tsitsipati & Athanasios,

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