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• Identification of trigger events: It is very critical in having a Incident Response Plan. Incident Response Plan provide you with the ability to respond to an incident in a very effective way. It does not necessarily mean that you will protect yourself or your business from the incident but a incident response plan will assist you to minimize tragedy from being a major catastrophe. There are essential steps taken in order to determine if you are dealing with an actual incident or just a false positive. The need for you to be able to identify a incident and be able to assess if it as an incident is very important to the survival of your organization. • Identifying: In the event of a crisis, Identifying the type of threats…show more content…
Every organization should have a team that will respond to a breach. Law enforcement agencies these days are either building or have built some form of Cybercrimes division that can assist you. You should also have specific experts that can deal with specific breaches. Law enforcement team should be notified due to the fact that every breach into a organization system is a legal offence. Notifying agencies like law enforcement agencies are something that you need to plan for. • Recovering systems: A robust response plan critical to minimizing the duration and the impact of a security breach is essential to the survival of an organization. Recovering systems lists as one of the most critical incident plan steps you can perform after the incident; you will have to get your systems back online in a timely manner. having a mature system and a better backup recovery would be very important to an organization Incident Response…show more content…
It is important to allocate some time, budget and resource for preparing a risk Incident Response Plan. This will help you meet legal obligations for providing a safe workplace and can reduce the likelihood of an incident negatively impacting your business. While every crisis is different, there are common characteristics. Understanding the effects of a crisis and knowing the common characteristics will help develop a practical and reliable incident response plan for your business. Reviewing the response and updating policies on a regular basis is something that needs to be implement as part of your strategy. By updating a plan after an actual response is also a good idea. A plan is no good unless it's up to date and well prepared. Assess the plan itself know how you can do things better for your company. It is very important to test your incident response process before a incident occurs. Without thorough testing, you cannot be sure that the measures you have in place will is effective in responding to the incident. When certain incidents occur, you may not only need to fix the immediate problem, but will also need to investigate what or who is behind it. Organization networks or their operation servers can get hacked by outside parties, receive threats via e-mail, or fall victim to a number of cybercrimes. Having a

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