CVS Pharmacy Honesty Code

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CVS Pharmacy FIELD EXPERIENCE/OBSERVATIONAL STUDY-1 HADM 5334 Amrutha Kurakula 02/15/2015 UHCL HONESTY CODE “I will be honest in all my academic activities and will not tolerate dishonesty.” Submission of this exam/assignment certifies my compliance with the UHCL Honesty Code that I signed at the start of the semester. I pledge on my honor that I have complied with this policy, inclusive of not acquiring unauthorized information or assistance,…show more content…
In addition to, it gives 2% off on non-prescription items and deduction of one dollar for every 2 prescription items. CVS succeeded in passing the cultural differences by creating a website in which the products are now also available in Spanish. Complying with rules and regulations, providing best quality medications are some of the things that make CVS excel in the field of pharmacy. Project Health It is a yearly program in which People who have limited or no access to preventive health care can get free checkups like determining their cholesterol levels, diabetes, and also other chronic diseases like hypertension, osteoporosis. It helps people identify their underlying diseases. Customers are also suggested proper medical care. [2] [3] CVS marketing strategy CVS opts for different marketing strategies to promote its product. They make sure that the customer revisits their store. I was told that their promotions are done within the store by ensuring consumer satisfaction rather than going somewhere else and propagating their products. Consumer satisfaction is their immediate goal. They organize camps, set up health programs and with the help of media advertise their products. CVS Pharmacy is a one stop shop for the…show more content…
They prices are displayed in such a way that they are easily understandable by the customer. Online orders can be made and the store accepts all types of cards like the Visa, Master card, Discover and American Express. PLACE: Place is where the product is distributed. If the product is a primary product it is made available at all stores as it has demand among customers. Premium Consumer products are available only at few stores based on their demand. Business products are available only placing an order. At CVS different products like OTC products, Prescription products, Beauty products, Wellness products are placed in different sections with names and prices below them to avoid confusion. Online orders can also be placed for home delivery. PROMOTION: After a new product comes is introduced and price has been decided, promotion has to be made to improve the sales and increase its familiarity among customers. Promotion includes advertising, media marketing, social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, posters and pamphlets [5]. Before making any promotional activities on a new innovative product CVS ensures the product is worth the

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