Swot Analysis Of Creative Food

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Creative food , low calories and healthy food. Food will be created with sensitivity and care. Prices will be competitive with other upscale restaurants in the same area. Spectra is to give a perception of higher value than its competitors through its food, service and entertainment. People that have a desire for healthy, tasty food and a fascinating atmosphere. Spectra is located in the end of the 90th street in the fifth settlement Parking area flying seats The great atmosphere, our excellent food and our friendly staff will show up and prove themselves in the fifth settlement We target people who want to adventure an interesting environment and eat healthy food and that they want to get a little bit more out of life than just the ordinary.…show more content…
They like creativity so they will like the artwork and they are sophisticated diners so they will enjoy the healthy food. Competition Analysis: Our competitive advantages are: the entertaining environment, the high quality food , varied menu and our friendly place. Our menu and food will be made with the freshest ingredients t have healthy food and also low calories food for people who are on a diet. The chef has an irresistible taste for what delicious and high quality food is and requires. Our environment is comfortable and cozy. Great service is very essential for us so we do our best to maintain it. The servers and board of management will take care of making the atmosphere suitable for customers as to make it very special and that will customers want to come back again and again. There a lot of restaurants that serve the same food at same price but our main goal is to deliver the best quality and make the customers satisfied to the maximum level as our entertaining environment is so fun as we have flying seats which are great to seat on and feel like you are flying out of happiness when you are trying our best meals of healthy and delicious…show more content…
We focus on special groups because these are the types of people who frequent other restaurants in the area. They are the kind of people that have the ability to spend their money on good healthy food at a suitable price . Our geographics include people from Maadi,Nasr city ,fifth settlement,Rehab and Masr gedida. Marketing Plan: We are to play on two ways to increase our production and gain high market which are word of mouth and in-store marketing and this way we will attain the most effective results of our marketing programs. We will make a grand opening celebration that will have free samples of a variety of our food. Every month we will invite a new artist to talk about his artwork. We will make events on easter day for friends and valentine’s day for couples and new year’s eve party for everyone to celebrate with Spectra. Everytime we have a new meal we will give a free sample for it for people to try. We will also have our great menu that will contain diet food that will show the amout of calories it has for people who are on a

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