Slavery In The 19th Century

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Slavery, in the American continent, grew significantly during the 18th and the 19th century. The development of slavery in the American continent was occasioned by the colonial practices that were taking place in other parts of the world especially Africa (Binder Page 15-32). At the time of declaring independence in the United States, slavery was widespread and highly regarded in almost all the thirteen colonies that formed the United States of America. Though there were free persons within the colonies, most of the slaves were of African origins that were brought in to carry out different activities for their white masters. This paper discusses the reasons as why the act of slavery became such an important activity within the American continent making it highly regarded by various persons. The slave industry and practices dates back to the days of revolutionary war in the United States. During this time, various abolitionist laws were instituted though slave trade still grew dramatically spreading to the Northern parts of the American continent (O’brien Page 23-75). During this time, there was a gradual growth and expansion of the cotton industry. With the tremendous expansion of the cotton industries which were mostly found in the southern part of the American continent, labor…show more content…
In 1808 the US congress banned further importation of slaves to North America. The remaining slaves were majorly descendants of the earlier slaves from Africa. The abolishment of the slave trade further led to the decline in the supply of slave who in provided cheaper labor to the various industry players. The ban on the trade led to the establishment of cartels that dealt in the illegal trade who in turn offered the slaves at higher prices to the industry players making the trade more
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