Personal Narrative Essay: The Aspects Of Cannoning In The Red River

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During the past few summers my sister Faith and I like to get a group of our friends together and go cannoning in the red river in Adams Tennessee. We love how peaceful is it getting out in a rural area where there are miles and miles of cornfields and no loud noises of vehicles and people. In Adams The river is near the bell witch cave, which we always joke about our car breaking down and the bell witch coming to haunt us. My mom used to joke about the children of the corn coming to get us, although I have still never seen the movie. My sister and I’s childhood best friend, Masha, comes to stay with us in Tennessee every summer. We always try to plan out things to do while she comes to keep her entertained. We also bring our friend Royce. He is excited because he has…show more content…
Masha uses her fake ID to stop at a local liquor store and get us all a twenty-four pack of Strawberrita’s. Jason Alden’s album is turned up as loud as the volume will go in the hour long car ride. The windows and sunroof are rolled down as we pass flat open fields and farms, something we aren’t used to seeing in the suburbs. There is a big sign in front of the river that says “For your safety, do not tie canoes together.” So we come up with the great idea to tie our canoes together with our the straps of our life jackets. We knew we were super cool and that following safety precautions did not apply to us. We also come up with the great idea to bring our cell phones, car keys, and music speaker with us in the two tied up canoes. We are having a great time floating down the winding river getting drunk from sipping on our ice cold strawberries’ in the hot sun. Masha is still trying to friend zone Royce while me and my sister are drunkly singing along to Sherlcrow. Then the lifejacket straps binding our canoes together gets caught on a large tree branch underwater. The two canoes get sandwiched together ,and I fall under the

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