Narrative Essay: The House Of A Cat Family

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This house of average qualities, normally sized, normal looking in a normal neighborhood, with a normal. But that is only from the perspective of an outsider, as the whole family--well not whole family, but most knew of the concept of magic being real. But one member of the family was especially strange, with especially strange happenings around this member of the family. First of all, this member of the family never even defecated or urinated, well once it did but that was at the beginning of it's life, and it cried, and the pile and liquid of germ infested waste disappeared immediately. Of course this member ate, and ate, and ate! This member loved to eat, and it did not gain unnecassary weight, and was in fact quite healthy, could've been…show more content…
But after a while of noticing that nothing abnormal was happening to the baby, other than the lack of waste and lack of unnecassary weight from all that eating, they calmed down. Although they still cared, albeit being overly careful for this child as if it would be injured just by being poked, and when reprimand the child when it would float junk food to it's mouth as if it could understand english. But all they know is that it could speak all languages and was just deciding not to speak with how abnormal it was. Even when the rare chance of the child accidentally harming itself occured (which happened only once mind you), it would heal rapidly or instantly (it was hard to tell as the healing process was quite fast). Afterwards when the child was in a situation that should cause harm, there wasn't even a scratch except the clothing being slightly ripped or dusty. Although this should've happened much earlier, they decided to name the child (they didn't name him earlier due to the strange occurences). Family members throwing around names, a few throwing out names that actually made sense, and then one that stuck. That name was Cud, which literally meant miracle in Polish. The reason why this one stuck was not only because it was easy to say, but it's meaning as well since it described his whole existence at that

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