Supervisor Reflection

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This chapter brought to mind a supervisor that I once had. He was rumored to be the toughest supervisor in our office of 12 supervisors. I was assigned to this supervisor and was not happy because of it. Early on, I started to recognize that my supervisor was going out of his way to accommodate me. His evaluations were always positive with no critiques of my work. I realized that I was not going to grow under this supervisor’s guidance. I finally had a conversation with him and realized that he thought that he was being culturally sensitive. His ideas about minorities and women were flawed and he was unaware of it. By challenging this supervisor, he realized that his way of thinking was hurting my advancement and he changed the way he dealt with me. Although his new way of dealing with me was not as pleasant, it was more beneficial to my career.…show more content…
He felt that as a minority, I had experienced a life of discrimination and maltreatment. After an open conversation, he admitted that he had little experience with minorities and females as agents. He felt that did not have any biases. He pushed back at first and did not understand my objections. He was very reluctant to see me as just one of his agents and not a minority female. This was a blind-spot for him. I know that it was very uncomfortable for him. He was holding on to ideals established early on in his career. Eventually, he began to see that I did not need his accommodations. He realized that I was just as qualified and capable as my co-workers. He also understood that this change was beneficial for the both of us. Him, a better supervisor and myself a better agent. This process was very much a kin to a negotiation where the advantages would be mutual and

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