Persuasive Essay On Street Smart Vs Book Smarts

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Hayden Cordes Mrs. Lewis English 12 18 September 2015 The Streets vs. The Books 1 Having intelligence is one thing, but when Does so much smarts become useless? Having street smarts and book smarts is good but you need to have a equal amount of each of them or it can be useless. We never know when we might need street marts to get us out of a bad situation, or need book smarts to do the same. Street smarts versus book smarts all depends on the type of job you have whether you are a police officer, lawyer, or a scientists. 2 Being a police officer takes way more than just showing up and being there. In most cases they need more street smarts then anything. They need to know different languages in general, or on the streets. If they say a brick of cocaine, its…show more content…
Officer Chico doesn’t know the law for a DUI therefore he does not know how to charge the man with his crime. They need Not only to be fast but how to react in certain scenarios. Bill is pinned behind he squad car if he doesn’t move he will get shot but if he runs he could get shot, he needs to know what would have the best outcome. 3 A lawyer needs to have street smarts plus the need to know the laws equally well. They need to be able to under the people they work with to build them an arguable case in court; but they also need to present themselves in a fashionable matter too. Say Lawyer Edward Allen is the greatest arguer around, if he dresses trashy and cant present himself fashionable he wont be as respected. Where street smarts come is to understand their defendant and understand where he is coming from where it is his language, back round, or scenario. Alfred is a good lawyer but he doesn’t have a heart for his job or for the people he is trying to help, he is not going to do as best as he should if he was passionate. 4 Scientists need much more book smarts to understand different tests they are trying to

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