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Morgan Spurlock born in West Virginia on November 7, 1970 is a writer and director who successfully started his career off when he produced his second film, Super Size Me which won recognition in the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. After the great success of the gastronomy-related documentary he continued on gaining more esteem through other films such as The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and Mansome. The same year his McDonald-diet based documentary was released he founded his production company Warrior Poets which branched out to distributing and producing for other specialties such as the T.V series I Hart Food (2017) and concert film One Direction: This Is Us (2013). Yet Spurlock held on to his original success and forte by deciding to release…show more content…
Although the documentary revolved around Spurlock’s social experiment it was not the main focus or only point the film wanted to get across. Other than wanting to show the effects fast food has on our body physically it also demonstrated the psychological effects it can have us not only as hungry customers, but as consumers and how different industries have been able to influence the mentality of society and mold those of individuals. Spurlock throughout the film was able to complete his purpose of demonstrating how industries have been able to oppress us to a point that we feel obligated or instilled to abide by their…show more content…
Within the documentary we are able to acquaint ourselves with Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, partners and founder of Baskin Robbins ice-cream parlor chain. Son and Nephew John Robbins explained how his poor health arising from his bad-eating habits as a child such his continuous consumption of the dairy treats (claiming himself as the official taster). From a young age John was always sick and admitted that similarly to Spurlock “appeased that by eating more ice cream” thus “the vicious cycle continued to take place”. Not only did he see the consequences of his ill causing diet on himself but unfortunately on his uncle Burt Baskin who died from a heart attack at 51 years old. Oddly enough his father promptly denied any connections of the amount of ice cream his brother-in-law would consumed to his death. Thus this made John conclude that his father did not want to admit or feel any guilt that the product they both had created may have killed his best friend/partner and which may continue to harm

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