Athletes Are Born And Made Essay

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Can an athlete be born and made? Everyone has genes, and everyone loves doing at least one thing. Are you born to play the guitar? Your genes determine whether you do something or not. Here is the thing. You must practice to get better. You can’t be made to do something and not practice at it. A midget won’t make it into the NBA because his genetics weren’t made up for him to play basketball. Though, he could take all the time in the world to practice and possibly make it. Which leads to the statement, Athletes are born and made. The first reason for, “Athletes are born” is a baseball player hits a ball; it flies at a speed of 100 mph! How does he do it? Genetics, flexibility, and body frame are all factors of a person’s ability. He has the gene to hit the ball that fast and play baseball as well as he does. It’s possible that if he didn’t have the gene he wouldn’t be able to hit the ball nearly as fast. The…show more content…
Although you have a gene to play the sport, doesn’t mean you have to play it. Practice and love towards a sport will make you great. The third reason is; In the article, “Nature or Nurture?” It says, “While a gene may increase the likelihood that you’ll behave in a particular way, it does not make people do things.” If your parents grew up loving basketball, you may not like it because you do what you want, not necessarily what you grew up with. When you love a sport, practicing will be more fun and workouts won’t be as hard. The fourth and final reason is; In the article, “Are Sports Stars Born or Bred” The text says, “Experts in the field believe that athletes who have honed their skills through hours of practice, become very successful in sports. Personality traits such as perseverance and an unyielding passion for their particular sport are also considered necessary attributes for any athlete.” If you put your mind to a particular sport and work diligently, you will excel in that
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