The Beer Belly Is A Myth Julia Hertz Summary

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We’ve all heard of the dreaded beer belly and seen various advertisements determined to sell us some brand of watered-down lite beer to keep our bellies lean and trim. Determined to dispel blaming beer on the stomach bulge, the article “The Beer Belly is a Myth," authored by Julia Hertz, passionately states that the beer belly is bunk. Her arguments are stated as followed: 1. Like all fermented beverages, beer contains calories…but not fat. 2. In general, when it comes to weight gain, it’s not how much fat you eat that matters, it’s how many calories you take in versus how many you use up. 3. Saturated fat comes mostly from animals and some plants. 4. Binge drinking, not moderate consumption, leads to obesity. 5. Let’s stop blaming our body fat on the…show more content…
Julia states in paragraph one “A review of the evidence on alcohol and weight gain, published earlier this year, found that its binge drinking, not moderate consumption, that leads to obesity.” I’ve found a few quotes from the author and when I’ve gone to the source of her quotes, they may not be as clear-cut and defined as Julia states. The book Critical Thinking, Bassham states, “A good reason to doubt the credibility of a source is the source has not been cited correctly or has been quoted out of Context”. (201) After examining the wording of the author’s source, it states [that evidence shows that alcohol may affect the rate of obesity in some individuals] I’m finding Julia is vague in her source gathering and several times quotes an excerpt from an article like WebMD and fails to fully state all the findings on the site quoted. It’s very important for the reader who may take articles on the internet as gospel to have access to all the facts—especially from someone that is known to have an expertise in one area. The core of the information Julia gives is negated due to lack of accurate references from the sources utilized in the

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