Red Badge Of Courage Chapter 9 Summary

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Chapter 9: Still running away from the tattered man, he sees more wounded man surrounding him. He is jealous of them having a wound and wants to have a wound to prove that he had the “Red Badge of Courage” (Crane 57). Then he sees Jim running toward him, wounded with fresh blood. He was worried that Jim might die in battle, knowing that both of them just became friends at camp. Jim tells Henry that he is scared to fall or being run over by an artillery wagon. Henry promises that he will protect Jim from the battle. Somehow, Jim found some strength to move a little, and the tattered man that Henry ran away from, and Henry himself tries to follow Jim. The tattered man was surprised that Jim could move with all the wounds that he had. However, Jim did not run too far and told Henry and the tattered man to leave him behind until they saw him collapse and dies from the wounds that Jim had. Angry that his own friend died during the battle, he goes back to the battlefield.…show more content…
Then when talking about people dying, Henry thinks that the tattered man might die too, but all that the tattered man says that is that, he has a family and wants to stay alive for his family. Henry finds out that the tattered man has mistaken him for one of his friends, Tom Jamison. The tattered man starts talking about how he saw a man dying, not knowing he was wounded. Angered more because of Jim had died and the thought of death got the best of him, he decides to leave the tattered man behind the tattered man

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