Should High School Students Get Paid For Grades Essay

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Education is something students should strive for on their own. Education provides opportunities for success later in life. This success includes earning a high paying job which allows a family to be financially stable. Money is awarded in their career, so getting good grades in high school should not be something students should be paid for. Putting effort in grades should be every high school students short term goal. Their long term goal of getting a good paying job, should then award them with money. High school students should not get paid for good grades, because later in life students will be awarded in scholarships, a good paying job, and a good work ethic. Most colleges give a scholarship based on the student’s GPA and ACT score; therefore, kids should not be paid for grades.The higher the two scores are, the more money the student will receive from a…show more content…
The point of a job is to get paid to be financially stable to provide for a family. Students in high school do not need to provide for a family therefore they should not get paid for good grades. An important thing education does is, “Education opens doors. Not only does it help us obtain higher-paying jobs, but also it enables us to access a wider variety of jobs that offer challenge, interest, and the opportunities to contribute to our communities” (Reifman, 2013). Getting good grades is important for the future; getting a good education will help when finding a good paying job. In contrast, some high school students need to provide income for the family. If a high school student were to provide for the family, getting paid for good grades would not be enough. Therefore, the student would get a job instead of attending school. Students should not get paid for good grades; it will pay off when they get a good paying job. In other words, to hold a stable job, students need to learn to establish a good work

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