Rhetorical Analysis Of Death Penalty

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Kassandra Reyes English Composition Feb 11, 2018 Decisions make up the future, and the future is made of decisions. Many would agree that each individual is responsible and aware of the decision he or she makes, and therefore the consequences or rewards that follow it. With that being said, John Bessler, in his article “America’s Death Penalty: Just another form of violence,” goes to great length to prove that the death penalty is harmful to America’s future. Bessler vividly proves that instead of strengthening his argument it causes his argument to be teared down easily, exposing his lack of information on the pros of the death penalty argument. Not only does Bessler weakly prove that the death penalty is destructive, but he also loses respect by having a conversational tone throughout his argument, instead of a professional one. Furthermore, Bessler never gives his readers the opposing view, making it difficult for him to convince his opposition. While Bessler believes that capital…show more content…
Although Bassler tries to justify himself by saying “for me, America's death penalty continues to be just another form of violence,” he causes his statement is insignificant because it is merely an opinion. In order to strengthen his argument, Bassler adds America’s worst error: convicting innocent individuals to death row. While convicting innocent individuals is America’s sad truth, it does not justify taking away, completely, the death penalty. Instead, the focus should be directed towards these errors in order for them to not occur again. Sadly, violence will always be a part of life, and it is much easier to prevent innocent individuals going to death row than it is to stopping all evil from the world. It is understandable that global peace is the main goal, but to reach that, there are stepping stones to preventing crime rates from

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