Personal Statement Of Purpose To Become A Nurse

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Jacklyn Francis They say it is a man’s job. That I shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t do it. But little did my parent’s know, that is all the motivation I need to accomplish what I was meant to do. When I received my Emergency Medical Technician license, I was contemplated on two different job offers, or if I should get a job at all. Being a full time student, whom is aspiring to become a nurse, adding work to my already busy schedule seemed impractical. Therefore, I was contemplating on turning down both offers, and just focusing on school. This would give me almost endless time to concentrate on the important classes that I need to get me into nursing school. I would have more time to socialize with friends and family which would expand our…show more content…
Coming from a large family of seven, money has always been a issue. My father is self-employed making the bare minimum to support our family, and my mother is occupied with taking care of my brother with Down Syndrome, as well as the rest of us. Not having a job would keep me dependent on my parents and being a college student, the last thing I want is my parents to worry about not being able to pay for my education. Along with no income, I would also not gain the experience I would be gaining from working. I would not get the patient interaction, staff communication, or the feel of what it is like to work at all, even if others tell me several times that it is not that great. I am coming to an age where I am loaded with responsibilities, and bills to pay, and not having a job would not help that at…show more content…
Their starting pay was $10.05 per hour, which is a downgrade from Rural Metro. It also almost seemed like I was getting paid minimum wage for a risky job that required additional schooling. They did not have a union, therefore employees have a direct relationship with the owners of the company, and we would be treated like we were easy to be replaced. If I took this offer, I would be working part time which means no benefits but I would only have to work twice a week. It was still a long commute, an hour away from home which was still expensive and with school, it would still be a

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