Argumentative Essay: Why Public Colleges Should Be Free

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June 10st, 2015 ESLG 0610 2rd draft of 1st essay Professor Morazzini Public Colleges Should be Free Recently, President Obama announced his proposal of making community college free for many students. It draws a lot of people’s attention. People are arguing about whether students should be able to get a free higher education. (In the united state, students can have free education until grades 12.) In my view, I think that the United States federal government should use the public fund make public colleges free for students who academically qualify for admission. There are three reasons why I think public colleges should be free. First that it will help millions students who…show more content…
Education is public good instead of private good, which means it not only benefit individuals but also has positive externalities for society. These externalities include that offering more educated labor, improving the society mobility and is essential for human being’s growth etc. First, making public colleges free gave more chance to students to get higher education and improve graduation rate. That’s mean there will be more high educated labor enter to American markets and satisfy the high educated workers demand. “A recent study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce found that at current levels of production, the U.S. economy will have a shortfall of 5 million college-educated workers by 2020.” (Bergeron qtd.) It obviously indicates that the federal government should make change to produce more graduate students to catch up the unmatched growing demand of high-educated workers. Making the public colleges is the one of the most effective way to achieve this goal. Moreover, Making the public colleges free would also improve the social mobility. “Social mobility is the movement of individuals, families, households, or other categories of people within or between social strata in a society” (Wikipedia). Making public colleges free give more chance to the students who has low economic basement to improve their social strata, and have more chance to get into higher class. In a Study of Educational Qualifications Shavit said “ Education has been found to be a crucial intervening link between the social background of individuals and their later class destination”(Shavit 148) In my opinion, making public higher education free play a significant role in improving society mobility. Lastly, make public colleges free is essential for human being’s growth. As Kofi Annan said, “Knowledge is power.

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