Student Obstacles

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Throughout my life I have had to overcome many obstacles, and these obstacles have shaped me into the person and student I am today. The obstacle that has had the most effect on my life as a student has been my health, an obstacle I have dealt with from an early age. Throughout my schooling I have been frequently ill, particularly during my years in high school. This has not only made pursuing my education exceedingly difficult, it has also had a dramatic effect on my social life. I have had asthma since I was very young, and throughout my early years attending school asthma was my only major health concern. It was not debilitating, but it did force me to be absent from school far too often and to stop playing the sports I had previously participated in. I was often slightly behind in school as a result, having to work harder to keep up than I would have…show more content…
After the break it was decided that I would be unable to attend school on a regular basis, and I was instead placed on a homebound plan in which I would keep my classes but do all of my work and study from home. Although this solution was more effective in controlling my health, it was very detrimental to my academic life. I was unable to receive lessons from my teachers, I still had to do all the work I had missed in the first semester, and I was often only given the lessons and work weeks after my classmates had received them. I found myself under considerable stress trying to maintain my academic standards from home while still being almost constantly ill. I had to develop a strong work ethic in order to keep pace with the curriculum. After a semester of hard work I managed to persevere and maintain my high GPA, but my health was still a concern and due to me not attending school, my social life had altogether ceased to

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