Speech For Graduation Speech

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Honorable Chief Guest, Worthy Principal, Respected Teachers and my dear fellow students, it is a great honor for me to deliver a speech at the occasion of Graduation Ceremony of our batch. We are linked with GT in the same way as the tree lives by its roots. Primary education plays a pivotal component in nurturing your personality. For me, creativity and hard work are the keys to success and GT is the place where teachers can inculcate that utmost level of creativity in children. My Alma mater, it was a wonderful experience to spend four years of my life and an exciting time that I spent in Beaconhouse. I have become nostalgic as the memories flash across my mind. It gives me an immense privilege consumed in an unprecedented sense of joy and gratitude to my institution for being awarded Gold Medal at the Graduation Ceremony.…show more content…
What makes Beaconhouse even more engaging is the massive amount of input by dedicated teachers. I will like to mention my teachers Sir Khalid Afsana( the best Urdu Teacher), Sir Tufail treat promises if we get A*, Sir Kashif asking us to recite before the start of our lecture. Therefore, the bond between teachers and the student is unable to be described in words. The way they treat students like their own children. I will like to take a moment to appreciate the entire faculty of Beaconhouse; their devotion and dedication and the way they support every single student in class. I still remember those days when my Maths teacher used to believe that anyone student in our class can get a distinction. Such was the trust of our teachers.For me, a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence
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