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Case Assignment Student’s Name: Institution of Learning: Cross Cultural preparation Cross cultural preparation is the training that employees and their families undergo to help them adjust and perform accordingly in foreign assignments. This training can be broadly categorized into specific phases. These are: training prior to departure, on-the job trading and repatriation training. The aim of the pre-departure phase is to provide the employees and their families with a good understanding of the new culture, language skills, orientation at a personal and family level and clearly understand how the new assignment fits into the scope of their career plans. In this phase different methods can be utilized…show more content…
The Asian Market offers a great new customer base to tap into, analysis of the market shows that many people show an interest in Costco services and projected profits were promising. A strategic plan of human resources is important when considering expansion into new markets.Research has shown that proper lanning ensures employee performance,increased revenue,meeting of business goals ,reduced employee turm=nover and retention of the best possible employees it is thus important to consider these factors when strategizing human resources in the new market International Legal Obligations Entry into new global markets requires a firm understanding and compliance with the host country’s labor laws, tax laws, compensation and benefits laws, contractual agreement laws and visa requirements for its expatriates. Adherence to these laws will ensure that the company blends well into new market without legal issues. Selecting the best…show more content…
First, is the geocentric approach where the company recruits the most unified individuals for the management positions irrespective of nationality? Second, is the ethnocentric approach where all main positions are filled with expatriates? Lastly is the polycentric approach where instead of expatriates, host country nationals are given first bite at the management positions. As the new operations build maturity in the new country, it is advisable to employ more expatriate staff for the management positions as compared to the host country nationals, preferably, at a 60%:40% ratio. This would help in getting the operations of the ground, transferring the operational know how and company strategies to the new branch. However, as the company grows in maturity it would be wise to favor a polycentric approach, where expatriates are retained to offer advice on more advanced or complicated strategies. In addition,it is important to choose competent and motivated expatriates for the foreign assignment.This is because in addition to the jobs aforementioned they will also have to train and develop the skills of he locals.Thus choosing the wrong employees may lead to impair the delivery of services and

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