Personal Learning Styles

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There are innumerable learning styles that ensemble different people as everyone have its own personal strategies and methods of learning. According to Honey and Mumford’s learning styles profile learning styles are of different types such as activist, theorist, reflector and pragmatist. While completing a questionnaire I learned that my learning is ‘activist’. As being an activist I adopt trial and error method of learning. I tend to be a problem solving nature of learning style having competitions from others and always try to do discussion with lots of people. Various methods from which a student can learn at the university are firstly by reviewing the material of the course repeatedly such as lectures, seminars, study groups, and the text…show more content…
Being an independent person will contribute to my carrier and in making my notes from the text books for my reference. In the future all the skills which I had developed will be contributing by numerous ways by laying the foundation stone for my success in life. It is very important for an individual to have good skills to lead a better life socially and professionally. These are the one which makes an individual stand out from the public in large. As a student possessing these skills will help in getting sound grades in my exams and complete the entire course efficiently and effectively in time. In today’s world if you have knowledge but don’t have skills then your knowledge is useless as it will not help you in succeeding in your life. So I will be using all the skills in mu future as and when required to have a wonderful…show more content…
I will be using assertiveness skill as a tool to have a sound communication with my university colleagues and making them understand my thought clearly. Aims Actions Resources Measurements Review & Time Scale To develop stress management skill Regularly doing exercises, taking adequate rest, by taking needful nutrition. Internet Journals I will do necessary exercises of coping stress and eat proper food for nutrition, take required rest needful for avoiding stress Every day I will check that how much rest and nutrition is taken by me and how many exercises I will be doing everyday. To increase my presentation skill By practising and presenting in from of my friends and family members. By doing presentation exercises in from of the mirror for analysing discrepancies Mirror Family Friends I will take the feedback from my family and friends of my presentation. Through this I will be able to remove all the problems in my presentation skills. Every week at 7pm, I will make the presentation and take feedback. In this way I will be able to give improved presentation. To

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