Importance Of Goals In College Education

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To execute a goal, a person must map out each step first. I learned this in the sixth grade and have come to realize how true this is. To be successful, I have to make sure I am working at my full potential and keeping choices in line with my goal, when it comes to my education. This applies specifically to my college education. Achieving success requires time management, stress management, and ambition, as it all works together to complete any goal. Setting a goal, whether it be academic or personal, starts by establishing the goal on a certain schedule. The time-frame needs to be set in place if the goal is a short-term or long-term goal, . Putting all of the work that has a set due date off until the last minute is not the best way to go about a task. I have come to realize that time is beneficial through manipulation. The amount of time set aside to complete a goal is best utilized when certain amounts of time aid the step by step completion of the goal. I…show more content…
Provided that t, it can complicate the predicament even more when a situation is already difficult. I realized that it is hard to function when stress is prominent in a certain situation. For example, if I needed to complete a 10-page paper and a science project that are due on the same day, and I put it off until the day before the due date, the lack of time management will have begun to stress me out. That stress will prevent me from completing any task I have. It results in putting less effort into my work, which diminishes the quality. Even in these situations, it is best to try and relieve the stress. Whether it be meditation or listening to music, doing simple activities are very helpful. When I lack in organization or do not have enough time to complete a task, I become stressed. Taking precautions to make sure I have done what I need to with organization and time management, leads to stress management. However, this duo is ineffective without one basic

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