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The Accountancy program remains as one of the toughest courses offered in the Philippines. Every year, two board examinations take place–one in May and one in October. The said exam usually reaches a mere 50% passing rate making it one of the most probable hardest board exams currently present in the country. Also present in this program, are the zero-based grading systems, grade retention policies, and qualifying exams that screen the abilities of students. Because of these grueling challenges, individuals may suffer from mental strain and tension. Being involved in the Accountancy program not only brings sleepless nights and tons of readings but it also brings stress–the main cause of anxiety. Stress is something that causes strong feeling…show more content…
Some symptoms may vary on how they perceive and see things around them like in their academic track and even in students’ personal life. Symptoms like, first, losing interest, where student’s self-confidence is slowly breaking down. Second, feeling sad, or down in the dumps, this is the common stress symptoms every accounting students experience. Third, feeling slowed down, students’ are not motivated to study and rather they feel worthless or guilty on what is happening to the environment. The fourth common symptom is gaining or losing appetite or weight, some students’ thought that they can overcome stress by merely eating resulting to gain weight while some are depressed and suffer from disturbed appetite causing them to lose weight. Lastly, thinking of death or suicide, the worst and the dangerous symptom that a student can think of. Symptoms like this may not only affect their personal life. It also affects the mental thinking of every accounting students suffering from a risk condition called stress (Jones,…show more content…
The high level of stress may cause negative effect on students’ mental and physical health especially when it causes mental problems. According to the research of Lim, Tam and Lee (2013), mental problems resulted from stress, among others; include depression and high levels of anxiety Academic stress can have multiple consequences for students and affect their life in various ways. Such consequences include affecting their performance in school; physical and mental health

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