Stress In The Workplace

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Nowadays no organization is stress free. Stress has become a universal phenomenon. Every job is challenging and demanding as it requires high performance, high quality, high expectation and getting desire fulfilled. Employees are made to work for longer hours and to have a stressful lifestyle. Today work life is so difficult to manage and one of the major factors is stress. Stress is a condition which builds physical and emotional pressure. Stress affects employee health, performance which leads to tension, anxiety, depression, anger. Stress can be categorized as Acute, Episodic and chronic stress. Acute stress is a very common stress which basically appears from anticipated demand or resent past demand, this kind of stress may be thrilling…show more content…
It is a state characterized by high levels of arousal and distress and often feeling of not coping”. According to World Health Organization(WHO,2007), “Work related stress is pattern of physiological,emotional,cognitive and behavioural reactions to some extremely taxing aspects of work content, work organization and work environment”. According to Kahn and Quinn (1970) [1] “stress is the outcome of fact of the assigned work role that caused harmful effect for individual. Occupational stress is considered as harmful factor of the work environment.” It also has unpleasant effects on health of an individual as David (1998)[2] contributed “it can also be labeled as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the workers. Job stress can lead to poor health and even…show more content…
This is called as stressor. • Stressful lifestyle leads to anger, tension, anxiety and depression. • The stressor that causes stress to one individual might not cause stress to another individual. • Stress can be both positive and negative. Stress is positive when it provides an opportunity and negative when it provides threat. • Stress can provide desirable and undesirable situation. Desirable situation (eustress) such as promotion of employee or unexpected salary hike. Undesirable situation (Distress) such as work pressure, long working hours. Causes of Stress Environmental Causes: - Environment is dynamic in nature. Environmental factors not only affects organization growth and development but also causes stress among individuals who are working in respective organization. Factors such as economic uncertainty, technological advancement, political- legal changes socio-cultural changes etc. Organizational Causes:- • Job Characteristics: - such as work performance closely monitored, organisational changes for change's sake, dull and repetitive work, dealing with difficult customers and clients and lack of enjoyment of

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