Strengths And Weaknesses Of Leadership

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I have built a good career for myself. The leadership journey and the strengths attributed to my success play a very important value. The insights will be of help for people to become strong leaders of tomorrow. The most important rule to follow should be to position oneself as a leader in the industry and make a transition from any specialist or assistant to leader as well as to improve and develop an authentic leadership style. I have worked as an executive leader, speaker, mentor, consultant and an administrator. Having worked as an administrator of a manufacturing company, I have solved lot of problems for other people working in the organization by doing it practically for them. It makes a difference. The strategy planning approaches I have adopted from learning experience and have applied them to problems worth solving. The areas would be about logistics, operations and leadership. I have worked with people who were assistants, office admin and accounts officers. There are people from these fields who have faced problems in using accounts software to make debits and credits. As an administrator and an executive of the company, I take…show more content…
On a social level, self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses helps the person gain trust of others and at the same time increases the credibility and hence, increases the leadership effectiveness. An organization must be open to learning new things and be well equipped to adapt to changes fast as and when marketplace orders. This ability is the determining characteristic of learning firm and perhaps is the most obliging reason that every manager at all the levels must include self-awareness in the goals for development. Identifying the influences of national and organizational cultures on effective leadership; The perception of effective leadership is very much associated with management roles. It is a fact that to be a good manager one need to be a a good

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