Va's Strengths And Disadvantages

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Strengths and Weaknesses An organization’s strengths are the resources or capacity an organization uses to effectively achieve their MVGOs (Rowe, 1994, Para. 1). The internal strengths of the VA contribute to the success of the organization and help the VA achieve their MVGOs. An internal analysis of the VA’s strengths identifies the areas within the organization where the VA excels. Some of the internal strengths within the organization include job marketing strategies, strategic planning, digitizing veteran’s information, and improving internal strategies to serve veterans. Isolating the organization’s strengths allows leaders to develop strategies that will foster efficiency within the agency. If the VA were an organization in a competitive…show more content…
1). The VA’s weaknesses include software vulnerabilities, backlog disability claims, delayed health care for veterans, political disagreement with internal leadership, and lack of clinical resources (Steele, 2017). The weakness of the VA hinders the organization from accomplishing their MVGOs. While there has been drastic improvement to VA in terms of staffing, improving IT security, reducing the claims wait time, and adding privatized clinics to accommodate veterans there are still significant issues that stems from the organization’s weaknesses. When developing strategies and plans to reduce the weaknesses within the organization, the VA’s leadership must consider the organization as a whole. Taking special care to pay attention the organization’s mission, values, and goals and how implementing strategies will affect impact the organization as a…show more content…
An organization’s ability to foster learning is a key ingredient in their ability to maintain an edge above its competitors. Learning is advantageous because it empowers employees, enriches the customer service experience, and enhances an organization’s collaboration with business partners (Cuccureddu, 2013). As a federal entity, the Department of Veterans Affairs must be flexible and remain adaptable. The VA must be able to react and adjust to newly implemented laws and federal changes. To help with the changes in the department, the VA has developed VALU (VA Learning University) for employees based on their role in the organization. VALU, the VA’s corporate university provides training and tools to help build employees knowledge, improve their skills and enhance their service to veterans and their families (VA Learning University, 2013). Once completing each segment of their training on the VALU website, employees are given a test to evaluate their learning. Since the training aligns with the organization’s MVGOs, the VA can review the performance of each individual based on the results of the training. The courses offered through VALU ranges from mandatory to optional. The VA has dedicated an entire site to enhance the organizations learning ability, which is vital to the success of the organization and the VA’s leadership has

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