Strengths And Weaknesses

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Introduction Leadership is the act of influencing people to follow a given direction or take a given stand on an issue (Schultz & Ellen, 2010). It is being in a position of ensuring that people who are being led will do as the leader wants so that there is an achievement of set or predetermined goals. With leadership, it will refer to the methods or strategies that a person in power will use to ensure that his juniors do as he wants. People who are being led expect the leader should give them the right direction or the right manner of doing things. A leader is someone who exerts some form of influence over a group of people. The people on whom he exerts influence are ready to take the direction that he aspires them to take with little or no…show more content…
My leadership strengths include the fact that I am an extrovert who can socialize freely with people from all walks of life. The fact that I am an extrovert means that I can listen to the views of many people and decide which ones are the best and which ones are not the best. When listening to the views of people, one is likely to determine his strengths and weaknesses since a majority of people under such a leader will always open up to him and tell him the truth. The said leader can, therefore, choose to change his behaviour so that it becomes in tandem with the wishes of the majority of the people. Another strength that I possess is that I do not get angry easily. It means that I can withstand negative humiliation that may be thrown my way by those under me. I believe that in so doing, I normally give those under me the opportunity to vent out their anger and release the tension that could be inside them. If there was a situation that could have boiled over, it is prevented from becoming catastrophic by the way and manner in which Inormally handle…show more content…
The reason is that there are some discrepancies that exists between what I posses and what I desire for the future. An example can be given that whereas my desirable future attribute will be one where I give people an opportunity to air out their views that is not what normally happens with me. Sometime I am normally tough on people, when it comes to issues like the strict deadlines that must be followed. As Foster (2002) says, democratic leadership is one where the view of a majority of the people is listened to and a common ground is arrived at. It means that I normally go against this attributes of democratic leadership style. What I normally express is therefore authoritarian type of leadership where the views of other people are not given an opportunity to be heard. Since another attribute of democratic leadership is that the leader acts as the facilitator (White, 2006), it means that I have failed in this attribute since most of the times I am normally the one giving orders and expecting my subordinates to follow them to the latter. It means that I am more of a dictator than a democrat. As Martindale (2011) puts it, dictators are people in position of power who are not ready to listen to the views of others. I am supposed to ensure that I follow or seek the views of others so that I do not become a dictator over

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