Tom Rath And Barry Conchie Strengths Based Leadership

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Sam Cha LSP201 Group Dynamics in Leadership Reading Review & Assessment 3 May 2015 Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath & Barry Conchie Strengths based leadership is about leaders focusing on their strengths than they trying to focus and develop their weaknesses. In Strengths Based Leadership, Tom Rath and Barry Conchie discusses about what the most effective leaders are and how they become the most effective leaders. Rath and Conchie divides into three parts to discuss about the most effective leaders. Part one is about, “The most effective leaders are always investing in strengths.” It explains about effective leaders spend their time and energy focused on their strengths. Second part is about, “The most effective leaders surround…show more content…
They are easily confront the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of others. They simply want everyone to know what they think, feel, expect, value or recommend. Driven by their talents, they might be prone to taking a common sense approach in certain situations. Command is a person who likes to advance on their own and they enjoy defying the odds. They find limited satisfaction in pursuing the easiest, the most popular, or the accepted course of action. They tend to be highly productive and often others to do much more than meet the minimum requirements. They bring a practical, matter-of-fact, and unsentimental requests and bold demands to others. Lastly, arranger is someone who works wherever they are and for however long it takes to finish their job-related. They sense from the start that they will succeed even when difficulties arise. They may avoid associating with people who have proven themselves unworthy of their trust. They probably hope a key decision maker notices their results and likes to recall instances when they created opportunities for them to use their talents. People like to describe them as trustworthy and…show more content…
I find adaptable duct tape, includer, and arranger similar because those three traits are helpful in workplace and does not like to associates with people who have proven themselves unworthy of their trust. Also I find restorative and the tape measure similar because those two traits make strangers feel welcomed and wants to have a peaceful environment. The strengths of those traits that are in common would be helpful, dependable, and trustworthy. However, there are limitations to those traits because there will be group members who disagree with me and have lack of integrity in a group. It would hard to have a peaceful environment if one of my group members do not open up to other group members and myself. I think those are the limitations and weaknesses of the assessments approach for group dynamics work. I am the type of a guy who wants to get everything done quickly without any mistakes. The strength would be that my team members could depend on me on my part. I like to have a peaceful environment so I open up to others quickly so I don’t make them uncomfortable. I would use my strengths in group dynamics to have more bonds between with each other and show them that I am dependable and trustworthy to

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