The Importance Of Leadership In Health Care

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The health care field consists of many health care workers varying from aides to surgeons to ethic consultants to other varying degrees of health care professionals. One major aspect in this field is learning how to be an ideal leader and being able to have the ability to manage the specific styles and responsibilities that are associated with a leader. The knowledge that is acquired in the classroom environment is dramatically different when it is put into practice in the tremendous degrees of healthcare institutions open to the public. By using the many tools for assessing one’s specific strengths and weaknesses, several initiatives are presented in identifying the leadership qualities and highlighting the areas in which one needs to improve…show more content…
However, one of the most important features is the communication level of the medical staff to the patient; the behavior of both the patient and the health care worker is expressed. For example, the majority of patients that are admitted to the ER are unwell, usually unable to voice their concerns, have some type of frustration because of their illness, or – in some cases – they may not even be able to communicate to their health care provider due to a language barrier. In this case, the leadership abilities and management styles of the health care worker is put to the test. Being able to establish good a communication path to the patient is necessary because both sides is able to express their concerns over something that is urgent. The language barriers are easy to overcome with a referral to translators that can help benefit both the patient and the health care worker. Being able to verbally express one’s self is important since a leader and manger can direct important information to others and be able to identify and interpret certain problems/issues that can be resolved…show more content…
The key aspects of the leadership role involve(s) influencing group activities and coping with change.” In reference to the Public Health assessment and typology test that was done, the individual is able to observe many different views of the field work during internship. Not only had the field work expressed the medical view, it had also expressed the administrative view. The individual’s leadership ability was assessed prior to the internship and given much thought. From putting all of these basic essentials together, leadership ability and management assessment was strengthened in many different ways. Being able to witness doctors, nurses, Patient Care Associates, surgeons, etc., there were many examples of leadership presented in the field work to observe and reciprocate. Not only was knowing how an individual health care worker contributed to the patient, but knowing how to strengthen their specific form of leadership was accomplished by the

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