Steve Jobs Research Paper

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Outline I'm going to tell you about Steve Jobs early Apple experience, getting fired from his own company, and his eventual return to Apple. $750 billion dollars. That's how much Apple is worth today. It's hard to imagine that it was once a 2 man company starting up in the family garage. It must have taken a ridiculously persistent and imaginative person to accomplish such a feat. That person is Steve Jobs Beginning since the early days leading up to Apple, Steve Jobs dreamed about changing the world When Steve Jobs was adopted, his parent's promised his biological mother that Jobs would go to college His biological mother was a unwed undergrad His mother never finished college, and his father never finished high school Steve Jobs went to Reed College and dropped out after 6 months. After…show more content…
They eventually created the Apple II with turned out to be a great success. As the company grew, the board of directors wanted an experienced executive as the president of the company and eventually hired the Pepsi CEO. Steve Jobs then created the Macintosh, the computer was extremely hyped but sales went poorly. This caused a lot of tension internally for Apple. Steve Jobs had a different vision from the CEO John Sculley. Steve Jobs then got fired from his own company by his own board of directors but he didn't let his dream die then and there. Steve Jobs decides to create NeXT and start building computers The new computers Jobs built didn't sell very well. The company was going to bankrupt if they kept trying to create computers. So Jobs then decides to focus on the software rather than the entire computer Steve Job buys Pixar from LucasFilms Pixar then goes to create Toy Story, the top grossing movie that year. Pixar eventually get bought by Walt Disney and becomes the biggest animation studio in the world Steve Jobs created an amazing operating system that Apple
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