Cross Culture In Design Thinking

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The entire thesis requires design thinking technique methodology, which means the entire research is on how cross culture effect the innovation of the company. Introduction of Design Thinking - this is little brief about the design thinking according to Tin Brown, CEO and the president of IDEO , is that design thinking how successful is that approach and solve difficulties, according to requiring of the people and with what technology is feasible , are this approach able to solve difficulties of multi dimension problem , Holf Faste said design thinking is a method of creating action which help in development of innovation or creating something new . Design thinking is something , thinking out of the box and keeping its fear aside and…show more content…
cross culture and innovation is a two major part of the organisation, where it is in structure way but not approprate , because of cross culture people in an organisation , there is a break up in motivation toward organisation goal . because of this we have research design thinking, where we can find out the problem and help in redesig them in a structure and appropriate manner, so that it help the organisation with cross culture people to become more innovative and acheive large goal…show more content…
Use of metaphor –metaphor and analogus is extremely poerfull connector , in this we get quite good solution according to metaphor , such as changin of law , if there is a problem , they deal with every indivual involve in the problem , and come out with innovative solution which need inspiration to think out of he box . by intracting with people out side the circle know their expereince and come out with innovative idea . Design thinking process in devloping innovative solution for challenged faced by cross culture company to be innovative. 1. Combine unlike idea – In this phase we have already discuss that we will combine all the unlike idea which generally people ignore , our grand father used to tell , that the coin which is useless today will be th most important part of our life , dont think people who dnt work cant do anything in fututre , or people a lower level cant give a good idea , a one idea can change the world , like communication gap and culture difference which is a great problem in a cross cultutre team work , 2. Talk to people – in order to observe according to chart which were identified , this chart were prepared to keep in mind the people who were directly and indirectly involved in it .below showen the

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