Personal Narrative: My Cultural Identity

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Cultural identity is part of my life, it represents all my lifestyles, personality and heritage, including the type of food I eat or my favorite, what animals I have, my family, my religion, nationality, music I listen to, my favorite sport I like to play, what clothes I wear and Shoes all those things represents all my cultural identity that I just now realize about myself and I hope to learn more. Family is literally important to me because you have someone that watches you grow up to become successful, someone that you can visit when you are in town to visit, or to see in a family reunion like your aunt, uncle or your cousins, mostly at my reunions we always have an excellent time we listen to music, dance, play games, chat with each other and eat tons of food or take it home to eat…show more content…
My religion is baptists because we go to church and we believe in Jesus and that’s a good thing and important. Nationality is one of those things that are important most of my entire life I thought I was just African American but I just found out i’m part Cherokee Indian so at least I know that, but I think it because of my grandmothers side of the family to me that will make her my great great great grandmother. The music is either Hip Hop and R&B both of those types of music I listen to I think it’s either something to keep me focus on my homework or keep me entertained some of my family members listen to that type of music too. My sport I love to play is soccer because there’s something about it that I absolutely like and I hope to keep doing it until I reach college because it’s my favorite sport in the world and i’m one of the fast and good players on the team and like I said I hope to keep doing
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