Explain The Reflexes That Are Expected To Be Present In Health Newborns

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Lesson 6 Review Questions 1. Describe the reflexes that are expected to be present in health newborns. Additionally, what is the rule of thumb for weight gain in healthy puppies? There are three reflexes that a newborn portrays. There is the suckling reflex. This is when the mouth of the newborn is open and can latch onto the mother for milk. Next, there is the rooting reflex. This is understood to be when the newborn can move toward their mother so they can get to the food. Also, there is the righting reflex. This is known to be where the newborn can move their self over and get onto their backs on their own. Additionally, there is a rule of thumb that is applied for growing puppies. The rule of thumb is a puppy must gain 1.25 grams per a day for three to four weeks for every pound of an adult’s weight. 2. Explain how an orphaned kitten should be cared for – include information on hypothermia, weight gain,…show more content…
Then you have to increase the food as you get later down the road. The food must be easy to eat since they have less room in their stomach. Also there is a specific way to feed the queen during her lactation phase. This is when you can feed the cat a lot because they need a lot since they are using their bodies a lot more than they normally would be, but you don’t want them to gain a lot of weight. However, after the fourth week they need to not eat as much. Also, they must be getting a lot of water because that is crucial for the milk production. This is different from feeding a normal cat because they eat twice a day and can feed them whatever food they have been eating and you buy, but recommended you maintain same food. It takes a lot more thought and effort to feed a pregnant queen than a regular cat. It should be comfortable and able to keep the puppies from not being able to run or fall out of

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